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    I've just moved back to the US after living in the UK for a decade. I brought with me my trusty treo 600(actually the one I have now is brand spanking new as I replaced it after running over it with my car!). I don't know how treos work here. I know mine is fully compatible with US networks (its the more versitile of the two-but I don't actually know if that means GSM or?). Do US networks us SIM cards? If so, how do I get one? Or do the US networks work w/o SIM?
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    Your Treo is compatible with T-Mobile, AT&T Wireless and Cingular since the GSM one is a quad band device. However, you will need to get it unlocked from Orange since they locked it to only use their SIM. Once it's unlocked you will be able to use it with any of these networks.
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    ok...problem here...I am based in Vermont, it seems that the networks that you have mentioned don't cover my area. I was hoping to get a "pay as you go" sim card, but maybe this isn't possible? can someone clarify for me?
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    try this link:

    you will need to see who provides service for your area, although it looks as though GSM coverage, in particular, may be weak until Unicel completes their GSM 850 layover.

    From what I have read, UniCell will be your best choice, and they may have a Pay as You go (or Pre-Paid in the USA) option
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