I'm anything but a newbie, but right now I'm stumped and need help.

My first 600 gave up the ghost (screen anamolies) Saturday. Got a new one from Sprint. With the new one, I can seem to have EITHER Vision OR my Palm programs (very heavily customized--almost nothing standard) but NOT both.

AND when I try to sync, everything set at do nothing, except install (in order to get CardBackup into RAM so I can do a restore from my SD card), it doesn't just install CardBackup--sync restores all the palm programs first--and then there goes Vision.

Is the new 600 defective? Anybody have any idea why sync is doing what it is (Palm Desktop 4.1, HotSync Manager 4.0.4)? Any ideas on how to have Vision AND more than a rudimentary Palm? I know software anomolies can happen, but why did all this work just fine on the original 600 (until the screen went out), but won't on the new one (both running 1.20 SPR and Palm 5.2.1)?

If anyone has had similar experiences, I sure could use some help. I really don't want to have to rebuild the Palm side from the ground up.