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    Ok guys and gals, what are the top 10 or so apps that are a must have for a Treo 270?
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    an upgrade to a treo 600

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    if i had money, i would
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    Avantgo browser ( free ) Use custom feature and make most of your favorite sites as your custom settings.. takes a little time to set up, but worth it.
    Set it up with your favorite newspapers, accuweather with live local radar, treo central etc.

    Blackjack 21 (freeware)

    Planetarium or skychart, go outside and know what stars you are looking at live once set up)
    Thunder wonder know how far away a thunderstorm is from the sound freeware
    NoahLite dictionary (freeware)sea war (Just like battle ship)
    verichat.. aim yahoo msn icq ( annual fee )
    Palmasutra (pointers you may need on short notice) subhunt game freeware

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