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    Is there a version of the Palm Desktop that will work under OS 9.1 and sync a Treo 600? I am likely to buy a 600 soon, but in the short run it will be much more useful if I can sync to the 2 old Macs I use that run 9.1.
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    The Treo doesn't support OS9. It throws up a variety of error messages and installing files/programmes to the Treo by hotsynching was particularly tricky for me. Try a search of these forums (there is a fair bit of advice on this subject which helped me find workarounds until I purchase a new Mac with OSX). All in all not recommended, but if (like me) you must you stand a fair chance of being able to get it to work a bit (with the palm desktop version that comes with the Treo)...
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    I have OS X at Home & Mac OS 9.2.2 at work. This is what I do for OS 9
    Use Palm Destop 4.1
    • Create a Folder called 'Treo' on your desktop.
    • Create aliases of 'Hotsync Manager' & 'Conduit Manager' & 'Files to install alias.
    • Plug in USB from Mac to Treo 600
    * double-click 'Hotsync Manager' alias on desktop - App should open
    * Double- Click 'Conduit Manager' alias -(should get window stating: 'preparing to Syncronize')
    It won't synchronize until you press the sync button on the USB cable.
    If you want to install files; then 'Menu' -> ' Hot Sync' -> Install Handheld files'
    You must do it in this order.
    You can install these apps from the Treo 600 CD-R. The folder structure will be different. Some stuff will go into the 'Documents' folder of OS 9. (Obviously set up for the the personal log-ins of OS X)

    This works for me everyday! No error messages! I am also able to sync to my OS X Powerbook using iSync.
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    I need to bump this, because this is what I have to do to get my version to work correctly on 10.3.8 on my PowerBook and Treo 650, using iSync as well.

    That is, if I start the sync from the sync cable, it hangs. I have to fire up Conduit Manager, and then press the sync button. And I can only get it to work once per login. Totally wack!

    Mildly annoying. Maybe it's a permissions thing

    It's not a permissions problem, dammit. Is this on the Mac side or Palm side?
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