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    I currently have a Powerbook G4 and I really want a phone device that I can use in conjunction with my laptop. The most important features to me are my ical and address book and syncing them up to this device. I have AT&T Wirless service now and my contract is up, I am considering resigning and getting a Treo 600. I am looking for advice from people who have used the Treo with a Powerbook to see if syncing the two is really easily done? Or should I be waiting for what seems to be called the “Ace” since it will have bluetooth? Am I being stupid for spending the money on a Treo when the most important things to me are just ical and the address book? Any thoughts or advice would really be appreciated, thanks.
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    Treo and Powerbook works for me.
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    Me too...couldn't be happier. iSync is great with the Treo!
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    PowerBook G4 • OSX 10.3.5 • Treo 600 (Sprint) • iCal, AddressBook and iSync
    works great!
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    I'm using the PBG4/400 and a Sprint Treo 600. I had all my contacts syncing through iSync, and lots of leftover stuff from the Palm m130 that I gave up an a few years ago in the Palm Desktop. When I added the Treo to the mix, the Palm DT application would just not launch, and several hours on the Palm site did nothing but make things worse. But I fixed the problem eventually (bad user file), and now the PB, Treo, iSync, iCal, Address Book, and PDT all share the same info.

    Almost like magic. The only thing I don't see after a sync is the pictures from the phone on the mac. I don't think they get written back to the mac or the PDT anywhere. So I periodically copy all my pics to the SD card and drop them into iPhoto. One extra step that Apple could fix if it wanted to in the next version of iSync. Not holding my breath!

    But the dancing bear is not amazing, it's that it dances at all. Thanks for the technology that works when I need it.
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    Take a look at iTreo. It will copy pictures from the Treo on each hot sync and then you can do with them as you wish. Works fine for me.

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    Treo and PB G4 works for me also. I just wish there were a reliable app to use the phone as a modem like Pdanet.
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    Checkout this thread:

    I use the older version (1.0.3) of WM together with the instructions in this tread to connect without any problems so I consider it to be very reliable. Others have not been as lucky.

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    Guys, I use this fantastic little program on my Powerbook: Calendarclock 1.0b1. It's mini drop down calendar icon that's on the upper right off my screen (next to the time). Click on the icon and a small calendar drops down along with todo list items!

    It syncs my ToDo and Calendar with iCal, etc. and with my Treo. Absolutely fantastic!!

    You can find Calendarclock at Versiontracker.
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    Hey, I have a Powerbook and was going to get a Treo 600, till I saw the Treo 650 is coming out. What carrier works best with the Treo? Or are they all the same? It seems that most people have no problems using iSync with their Treos which is a good sign
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    Treos work with essentially any carrier, so pick the carrier you like first, then get the Treo for that carrier.
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    Illustreus - that Menucalendarclock program is the coolest app! Thanks!
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    Hallze, if you're still reading this thread, I suggest you delay your purchase until the Treo 650 comes out. Even if you decide that $600 is too much for the 650, the 600 will have dropped in price by then.
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    i use my Treo 600 with my G3 ibook. IT works great
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    What's required to use the Treo 600 as a modem for a iBook running Panther out in the field? Does the sync cable work for this or do you have to buy a special data cable? Is there any special software required or will the built-in networking be able to use the phone? Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Lukasha--please search these forums for info about WirelessModem and Macs. You can try to use your standard cable and this application. There are a few tricks and issues. Also see the forums at for WirelessModem users.

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