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    Quote Originally Posted by paris
    I stopped in the local Cingular store last night on my way home. Asked what they knew about the 'new' Treo...the guy confirmed they were getting a new model with hi res screen and bluetooth...said it was supposed to be out by now, but had been moved back till Oct-Nov time frame...They had already recieved some sales/training on the new model <snip>
    I had a similar conversation with an Orlando-area T-Mobile store sales clerk two days ago -- he said they were supposed to have had the "new Treo" next week and that they had received basic information about it from T-Mobile. He did not know when it would actually be available, however.
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    I just spoke with T-Mo customer service rep on the phone...'officially' they have no new Treo in their data base of upcoming releases, which she said only goes out about a month...tho she said she too had heard the rumors about the new Treo...just couldn't confirm they wouold be getting it as the first GSM carrier...tho she did say "We carry all the other Treo's so I'm sure we'll hvae the new one too." Not much to go on...but at least I'm hopeful.
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    Quote Originally Posted by whmurray
    If T-Mobile let's us down again, I may swtich. Does Cingular have an unlimited data plan?

    it is called the media works plan, but you may not get it if they know you have a treo.
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    Paris, about the free month deal...... If Tmo is anything like ATT (they're all the same) that offer isn't gone once the "expiration" comes up....

    I've been out of contract with ATT for about two years and I get those "free month of service" postcards monthly.... You'll get em again from Tmo -- and if you dont, just call them up and tell em you want that offer or you're leaving -- I'm sure they'll extend it for you..

    Basically if you're unsure, don't lock yourself in for a year just for a silly "expiration date"
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    Thanks for the advice Joebar99...The free month of service deal would really help, but the new Treo is what I really want. I'm afraid I won't get a discount on the phone if I sign up for another year now...once I'm on contract again, there's no incentive for T-Mo to give me a phone discount...they KNOW they've already got me locked in for another year without doing anything more for me.

    The free month amounts to $40...but the phone discount should be at least $100, judging by past experience...rates seem to be better for phone/data with T-Mo, but I think Cingular might have better coverage now, especially with the AT&T merger and the fact that they use the 850GSM band as well as the 1900GSM ....T-Mo only uses GSM1900...also Cingular roams onto both AT&T and T-Mo's towers...T-Mo only uses their own, even if there is a better signal from another GSM carrier available.

    It sure makes the decision tough...I want the best phone (Treo ACE) the best price for phone/data (T-Mo???) and the best coverage (???)...
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