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    I'm very close to getting a Treo 600. The only thing holding me back is that I haven't seen one play back video (stores are happy to turn one on for me, but the Treo doesn't come with any encoded video samples). I'm a motion graphic designer currently carrying my portfolio around on an ipaq 1930. All files are encoded with Windows Media Producer, 193kbps, 20fps, 320x240. Playback is great, very smooth. I recently borrowed a Nokia 3600 from a client to test the video playback. The highest encode settings I could use without the video getting choppy on playback was with Discreet Cleaner encoding to Real video, 128kbps, 10fps, 176x144. The playback is ok, but nothing I would jump up and down about. What kind of playback can you get from a Treo 600? Can you get above 12fps? Over 128 Kbps?
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    Should I move this to the Multimedia discussion?
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    Wasn't getting any answers here so I re-posted in the multimedia section.

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