Am I the only one with this problem?

Under preferences, Default Apps, the only option is "Blazer" and yet sometimes my Treo seems to forget that Blazer is the default browser.

I have to go into Default Apps, and select Blazer (which is the only choice) and hit enter. Then it remembers.

Examples of when this affects me?

Well I have set up hotkeys like "W" for Web....and "G" for Google which are supposed to open up Blazer and go to a particular website. They don't work if the Treo has "forgotten" which application is the default browser.

Another example is when in Chatter Email, I click on a hyperlink and it doesn't do anything. If I go into Prefs and remind the Treo that Blazer is the default application, Chatter Email will work with hyperlinks.

Any guesses as to what causes the Treo to "forget" when there is only one choice for Default web browser?