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    Just curious to find out what are the weakest points of the Treo 600.

    Last week I dropped it vertically on the pavement. The light behind the screen seems to have broken. It is now being repared (will take 3 weeks apparently). The Treo still functioned, I could do a Hotsync, the alarm went and so on, but the screen remained black.

    In another thread I read about a case to tight around the Treo which cracked the screen.

    Any other ways to break the Treo 600? Or any amazing stories on the Treo 600 surviving extreme situations?
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    search this forum. there is a similar thread on how people have dropped their treos and dunked them in water.
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    Applying too much pressure on the LCD screen causes dead pixel.
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    Ahhh your giving me nightmares
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    Number one way to break your Treo--Turn it on.
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    LOL i had someone at work drop theirs out the window on the highway.... someone called them from it later that day and said hey... i've got your phone, where do you want to pick it up... it broke about 3 weeks later from a defective battery...
    one guy spilled a martini on his and had it replaced by lock line... the damn thing still worked great except that the screen and keys were sorta sticky... i've seen these things break under the stupidest conditions and yet survive under some even stupider ones... lol the best is that once i had a RIM 957 run over by a car... still beep beeped when they got emails... just the screen wasn't so hot...
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    walk up the stairs with it in your pocket and then trip. works like a charm... :/
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    Leave it where a 2 year old and his puppy pal can find it! Then try to explain it to your insurance company.!!!!
    Thanks for the compliment, geeks run the world after all!
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    ^yeah you starting around with your puppy and use it as a cell phone
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    Last night I found out that if your Treo 600 falls into the toilet when you are untucking your shirt and turning around to take a dump, it's bad news for your phone.
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    A friend of mine had his Palm in a stroller next to the pool. The stroller rolled into the pool. The friend then left the pool in a huff with his family, and put the Palm on the dashboard to dry out. On the way home, the Palm falls out of the window onto the highway. Friend pulls over, is walking back to get the remains of the Palm from off of the road, when a truck rolls by and crushes the Palm to smithereens!

    True story.
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    Mine flew out a of a golf cart after I ran over a deep hole looking for someone else's ball (amazingly. Usually I'm looking for my own).
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    Best way?
    Not switching it to silent when kindling passion with girlfriend.
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    I was in bed playing Raymen and my wife took it and threw it at my obniouxs cat that was in heat... The cat ducked and my Treo hit the drywall reall hard... hard enough that I had to patch the wall... but the Treo just reset...
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    My dog ate part of mine...but it still works. :-) See picture at:

    Anyone got an extra grey Antenna Cap?

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