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    I'm trying to find a way to integrate and install my Treo 600 into my BMW 325xi. I'm aware of the various car kits available from Palm and Seidio. Basically, I'm looking for a way to mount the Treo into the car and utilize the internal audio system for calling, charging, etc. Has anyone else had any luck finding a sloution for integrating their Treo 600 into their BMW?

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    Please help.
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    I used to have an '02 330. I remember somebody posting the pin-out for the BMW system. It was either at or Good luck.
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    You're making me nostalgic, I traded my 325 Beamer for a Town and County minivan.

    -Lol, not that this reply was any help.
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    You should check some of the older posts in the forums over at I remember considering this in my 5series, but I change phones too often to make that much of an effort. Do you happen to have a bluetooth compatible system in yours? If you do, maybe you can just get a second cell phone that is only for the car. When you are getting in the car, just forward to that number. If you spend alot of time on the road, the little bit of extra cost will be worth, you won't make any permanent change to your bimmer!
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    I have a BMW 320 and I got a PalmOne Treo Car Kit (from TrendTalk) for my Treo 600.
    Still looking for the right place to fix it ...
    anyone can send a picture?
    Joan López i Graupera
    Barcelon@ - Catalonia
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    I wish I had a suggestion for where to mount your car kit. I'm still assessing the integrated car kit solutions out there. Needless to say there aren't mant options. The THB Treo Integrated Car Kit ( looks great but it is pricey ($379.00) and the installation will cost an arm and a leg ($400.00). If I had a bluetooth Treo I could get the integrated bluetooth system installed from BMW ($900.00). Any other suggestions? Thanks.
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    The BMW tech suggested I NOT use lighter for my usb power treo adapter... Instead, he sold me a $6 cable which plugs into glove box flashlight jack (you must remove the flashlight)... it supposedly is "the right supply" and don't ask me why.

    The new cable hangs comfortably out of the rear left side of the glove box under the dash. into that, i plug my usb lighter adapter/cable with built in sync button (ebay $6).

    Finally... the coup de gras.... egrips on that puppy and treo will remain just about anywhere i put it... on the dash, console, etc. The grips keep it from flying around should you make a quickstop, or drive vertically.
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    After reading the accessories book I think I found what I needed: there is an add-on for all series BMW to attach any phone on.
    In the spanish 2004 accessories book you can find it in page 42 (photo 4) reference numbers from 84 13 9 404 976 to 84 13 9 409 108
    It costs from 79 eur (black plastic) up to 123 eur if you want it in leather.

    I attach a scan from the book. I have just ordered one to the BMW shop in Mataro (Barcelona-Spain), I hope to show you my installation in a week as soon as I receive it and do all the wiring ...
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    Joan López i Graupera
    Barcelon@ - Catalonia
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    Has anyone had any luck successfully installing a THB integrated car kit?

    Joan López i Graupera - Have you had any luck getting your phone installed?
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    ... successfully but it,s not the integrated device.

    My challenge was to install it in my BMW in a clean way. I,ll try to post some pictures this week end.

    The only problem is that the microphone fails intermitently, probably the small jack connector is broken.
    Joan López i Graupera
    Barcelon@ - Catalonia
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    I have a 330. Go to post #35 on this thread:

    I am using the hand-made car-kit that is talked about in the beginning of that thread. It works great, expect that I occasionally get interferance from remote radio stations.

    I used to have a 325 and did the same exact thing.
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    The saga continues. I've contacted BMW for the second time to see if they can offer any solutions. I'll keep you posted.
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    Since posting last ... My Treo 600 has been incinerated. It lived a good life. I've since upgraded to a Sprint Treo 650 and am still looking for a car kit solution. Has anyone had any positive experiences integrating their cars' bluetooth kit with the Treo 600?

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    My BMW does not have bluetooth. To add it would run me about $500-$600. Now that I have a 650, I found that all I really needed was a bluetooth headset and a good holder. That's enough for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GeekyMom
    You're making me nostalgic, I traded my 325 Beamer for a Town and County minivan.

    -Lol, not that this reply was any help.
    Something about that just doesnt seem right!
    Oh the sacrifices you make for KIDS!!

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