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    My battery went very low while talking to someone and upon trying to recharge the phone the display has verticle color bars across the entire screen. I can still see my icons on the display and the phone is operational but the phone display will not clear.

    I tried a soft, hard, and factory reset to no avail. I did a 1.2 rom flash and still no luck.

    Am I out of options short of a unit replacement ?
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    I have the same problem on mine, for whatever reason. I started to take it in (sprint) but it went away. Then, I found out why it went away. If you take your finger, and rub it all over the screen with some pressure, you MAY find it goes away. I have a feeling it has something to do with the film in the display, that allows the touch sensitive display.

    I know this is not a terribly technical fix, but it has happened a few times since my first discovery, and rubbing the display has solved it.

    More than likely, yours and mine need to be replaced, but I just didn't want to fool with it.
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    vertiCAL - doesn't help you, but at least it's spelt correctly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by marshalla99
    vertiCAL - doesn't help you, but at least it's spelt correctly.
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    I had wanted your rub-me fix to would work but no go for my treo. Unless I get more ideas I guess I am off to the Sprint store...........thanks anyway
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    Your right, that doesn't help. I was not looking to have my poor spelling corrected.
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    Out of frustration I decided to press MUCH harder on the display and guess what?

    It DID the TRICK!!!!!!!!!!!

    The display does have a tendency to go back to the v-bars but at least for now I know how to temporarily eliminate the aggravation until I go get the phone replaced.

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    I was reading the forums for news and came on this thread. I had a vertical and horizontal line for the last few days. Pressing hard on the screen made them go away! Thanks!!
    My Treo has more memory than I do.
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    For what it's worth, I've also had a possibly similar problem with my Treo. Usually it seems to happen more when it's warm (when I'm in the sun). For me, I can make it go away by squeezing the case on both sides with my thumb and forefinger (note that I'm not pressing the of my fingers is under the volume dials, the other is on the other side). Sometimes the lines still come back... I think my case might be loose or something. It makes a creaking sound when I squeeze it. Maybe this is a totally different problem, who knows. When it's being bad, I'll try to get a picture of it with my camera.

    Oh, I also forgot to mention that I use T-Mobile and bought the T600 direct from PalmOne in 2/2004. The line issue only started happening about a month ago.
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    marshalla99, the bible says to remove the rafter from your own eye before removing the straw from your brothers...

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