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    Started playing around with Imap / Snappermail 2. I turned on IMAP4 on our Imail server.

    I understand Imap really "syncs" with the mailbox, versus a pull type client such as POP3.

    However, in Snappermail, if I want to delete a message, I've tried both the "D" and "J" key, and the message deletes off of Snappermail, but not off the Imap server. Shouldn't "J" delete it off the server too at the next sync?

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    both d and j should delete the message off the server on the next sync.

    if this isn't happening, email and tell them what server u are using.
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    If your server supports "IDLE" and you're using Chatter, you'd see the delete happen on the server within 10 seconds, typically.


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