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    Will I be able to use network services such as call forwarding when I am roaming in Europe? I have a T-Mobile U.S. SIM. Will the answer to this depend on whether I am roaming on T-Mobile v. say Orange?
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    I'm a US T-Mobile user, and I went to London for two months earlier this year. Before I left, I called T-Mobile and got the Treo 600 sim-unlocked (don't skip this important step!) and got them to modify my account to allow international roaming.

    Getting off the plane, the treo picked up the T-Mobile network, with GPRS. The prices were steep, though -- $0.99 per minute airtime, and $15/megabyte GPRS (!). When I arrived at the London office, they gave me a Vodaphone SIM. It worked for the most part (with a few irritating things that may have been taken care of by the latest firmware upgrade), but the account didn't include GPRS. I went to a few stores that sold pre-paid SIMS, but they told me that none of the prepaid accounts included GPRS.

    I talked to the office about adding GPRS to the Vodaphone account, but they were in the process of changing providers and couldn't make changes to the account. I like to believe that if I could have gotten a local account with GPRS, it would have worked. The T-Mobile account did (at $15/megabyte, of course).

    As for network services, they came bundled with the Vodaphone service -- I wasn't paying too much attention, but it seemed like they had all the bases covered. I never looked into the T-Mobile network services much, since things were so expensive.
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    I was in London last May with a US T-Mobile sim. Actually, the roaming rates are cheaper for calls to the US and for GPRS. The UK sim is only cheaper for local calls. The sim itself costs 10 pounds (almost $20) and one pound a minute roaming to the US, which is almost twice T-Mobile's US roaming rate. After several stops at the T-Mobile UK store where I bought their prepaid sim, they were able to configure it for GPRS, but the cost is high - the only advantage is that you get cut off after the amount that you have on the card (you can fill it up again), so you don't run up a large bill unknowingly. That's what I got it for -and make a call every 6 months and you can keep the card and the telephone number. Both T-Mobile UK and Orange 2 (O2) have data on their prepaid sim cards, for what its worth to you.
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