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    I've got a strange thing going on. I recently purchased a headphone set for my 600 as well as the little mini-plug adapter. Purchased them both here from TC. The headphone itself works fine. The mini-plug adapter works okay when I plug another headphone into it. BUT when I plug my cassette converter in my car into the adapter and then the adapter into my 600, the sound still comes out of the Treo rather than my car radio. My cassette converter works fine with other devices. Any ideas?
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    It's a known problem. The short story is that the Treo isn't detecting the cassette adapter as stereo headphones, so that's why the sound still comes out the Treo. It has something to do with the level of impedance seen by the Treo. If you do a search here, you should be able to find more information. Some people have had to try 3 or 4 different cassette adapters to find one that works with the Treo.
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    I have a Creative casseete adapter and it works well with my Treo and my iPod.
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    I've had exact same issue. The easiest solution is to go to radio shack and buy a 'volume control cable for stereo headphones' (about $7). The volume control fixes the issue so your cassette adapter or any headphone jack will work.

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