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    When I'm talking on the phone there are few things more annoying than having a calendar alert ringing (or buzzing, if it's in silent mode) in my ear. If I'm using a headset, fine, but if not it's incredibly annoying. Is there a way to turn these off while you're on the phone? I can't believe Palm didn't think of this.
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    i agree. im tired of people asking me...."what is that?"
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    I agree... pretty annoying. I don't know of a way to prevent that. In reality, this is not a trivial problem to handle properly. Of course you wouldn't want to completely silence the alarms since you could miss something very important. I think a good solution would be to generate a gentle beep in your ear (not heard by the other party), show the appointment reminder momentarily, then automatically snooze for say 5 minutes. In the mean time, if you look at the screen after it snoozes, you'd see the flashing asterisk and you could check your alarms.

    Let's hope that this is one of the things the palmOne management are referring to when they speak of better integration and better "out of the box experience" to be coming in next generations.
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    I don't get many calendar reminders but what I do get is the voice mail alerts. Of course they happen during only the most important calls. Usually when I see another call I ignore it, they leave voice mail followed by tone, then a "what's that" from the important caller.

    I guess I could just turn off the sound but when I get a call I just can't miss, the last thing I think about is sliding the mute switch.
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    even by turning off the sound and muting it... its the vibration that's the biggest pain.
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    I know this is an old post, but I was having the same issue for years with alarms going off when I'm on the phone. I searched this forum, but did not find a solution posted. I did, however, find Phone Technician at that gives you the option to turn the alerts off. I downloaded it directly from their site to my TREO and it works perfect.

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