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    Creating the DCIM folder didn't work?

    I beleive that's where, by default, the camera application stores/looks for images on the card.
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    That worked! I can actually view the photo on the phone now. I'm having issues getting the photo from the card set as wallpaper, but just the fact I can actually see the photo on my phone is a major accomplishment.

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    Got it. I just had to move it from the card to my personal folder on the phone. Thanks again for your assistance.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mick16
    I need that damn Installation CD-Rom. Not sure why Sprint is being such a tightwad and won't send it to me. Maybe I just need to call them and ***** more.
    Actually you dont need the CD at all. Everything you need for the Treo installation is included in the Palm Desktop software that is available for download at Palm Desktop for Treo 600

    Support Knowledge Library states:

    When you receive your TreoTM 600 smartphone, it should come with a CD that has important software for using your Treo 600. If you're missing the CD from the box, contact Customer Care for a replacement.

    Even if you already have Palm Desktop installed on your computer, install the new software on the Treo 600 CD. It includes features not available in previous versions, including the Treo Pictures conduit and a filter to help you upgrade to a Palm OS 5 device.

    All you need to enter is your serial (ESN) number from back of phone.
    ~ ScandaLous ~
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    That line about contacting customer care to get your replacement CD-ROm is BS. They refer you to Sprint (or whomever you received the phone from) and then you are on your on your own. Sprint wouldn't mail it to me and told me to go to the store to get one and the store said all the software was on the website (which it is not).

    I downloaded the updated palm desktop (and did the most recent treo updater) and I can state without a doubt that there is no Treo Pictures conduit present on the download.

    I gave somebody on this board $5 to burn me a copy of their Sprint Treo 600 Installation CD-Rom and mail it to me as I grew tired of messing around with Sprint.
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