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    Has anyone tried PumaTech's IntelliSync with Outlook 2003?
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    I have been using intellisync and it seems to be the best out there. I like the fact that it interfaces with the palms os contacts and stuff. It keeps the outlook categories too despite claims from other software that keeping categories is a limitation of the OS. There is no need to have different contacts than what come with the palm using intellisync. I don't think beyond contacts or keysuite will let you search by first initial, last initial and I really like that. It makes it super easy to find people.

    The only complaint so far is that I have to re-install every 30 days

    I have yet to find a working crack. For 5.1 and others there were lots of things but for v 5.3.2 which is the latest, i have yet to crack it. If anyone does please give me a shout.
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    pleazzzzee don't talk about cracked apps here....if I was a mod, I would ban you for 48 hours for that
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    Keysuite now seamlessly replaces the built-in address book:
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    I haven't installed either yet, but in the past with my other pda, I preferred Beyond for one reason. Key didn't have the alpha tabs, and you had to do much scrolling to get to the name Zeek or whatever ...
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    Actually, with KeyContacts, just type in the first letter or two and it will jump to that part of the alphabet.
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    Well I purchased Beyond Contacts first but after a few weeks started looking for something else. Beyond contacts was too slow in finding contacts I have 2000 plus contacts. Even more disturbing was that synchronizing was very slow and trying to sync between two computers caused alot of problems. I tried KeySuites yesterday and immeadiately saw the improvements. Much quicker searches and synchronizing. Easy synchronization between two computers. For me its a no brainer KeySuites is the better of the two.

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    I couldn't agree more. Key Suite is a fantastic app. It is fast and seamless and does everything it says it does. Without a doubt, this is the go-to app. for Outlook users! Anyone else have experience to add?

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    whats with agendus for palm? does anyone know if it good and how it compares with keysuite?
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    Agendus uses the palm native databases. As such, it doesn't sync to as many Outlook fields & categories as KeySuite or Beyond Contacts.
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