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    i tried the link from freeware first time i downloaded came up with version 5.32 1/04 did it a second time and it worked version 6.0 9/10
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    Installed it from Palmgear *before* I read this post :-(

    The ReadMe.txt says it's version 6.0. I did not check the version after I installed it.
    I used it to look at the data on my SD card and then I turned of the screen and hooked the treo to the charger.

    While I was sitting at my desk I noticed that about every 5 minutes it would wake up and soft reset itself. I unplgged from the charger and did my own soft reset. Same problem. Keeps soft resetting. I also noticed it was getting really hot.

    I uninstalled Filez and still... kept soft resetting. I finally did a Hard Reset. I let the phone sit there w/o resynching. No problem, NO soft resetting. Before I synced I opened the backup folder and removed FileZ.PRC and then I synced.

    Everything seems normal now. While I can't explicitely blame it on Filez, I think the whole thing is pretty odd.
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    New version: FileZ 6.1

    Update Description:
    6.1 adds more customization features in the preferences, including better bluetooth support.
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    Downloading FileZ latest edition (6.4) from MTDN and opened up the zip file to reveal two other prc's: "StatusBarLib.prc" and "AppSlipRotate.prc" What are these prc's? I could not find any information on these files in the ReadMe, or pdf manual or on NoSleep's website, FAQ's or forum. Anyone?
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    I believe the "StatusBarLib.prc" and "AppSlipRotate.prc" are for 320x480 support on Tungsten T3 devices.
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    Thanks airunz. Didn't want to be missing anything in this version of FileZ. Appreciate your feedback.
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