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    Is anyone interested in selling the original nylon slip case that came with the Treo? I lost mine and would like to buy another one. Palm does not sell them.

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    I'll give you mine, plus shipping (what, $2?).
    Let me know...
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    I will buy it from you so that you can make some profit! Thanks.

    Email me here:
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    i have an extra one make me an offer

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    Any of you who have one, please email me!
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    why would you want it? how useful is it?
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    I liked it. LOL
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    I would like one also, if anyone has one I will pay for it. Please email me at
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    hi i have an extra one my e mail is
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    Quote Originally Posted by fkpalm
    i have an extra one make me an offer


    I am also interested in one. If there are still some available, please e-mail me:

    regarding how useful is it - for me a lot. i carry my Treo in a waistpack, so I don't need any sophisticated case for it and I need a very slim case. However, there are other objects in the waistpack (e.g., my swiss knife), which may scratch it. so for me the original slip case is "almost perfect".
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    i think mine is in the garbage. lol
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    If you have a 3G iPod (and what treo owner doesn't?), then I find the case apple includes is actually better for the treo than what palm provides! It's *slightly* shorter than the treo case, but is the exact same in depth and width. The reason I like it better is that while it hugs the treo very nicely, it's much easier to pull the treo out of the case ... and it has a clip built in. Try it out - you'll like it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mchaik
    If you have a 3G iPod (and what treo owner doesn't?),
    it's funny how many people think the IFraud, i mean Ipod is the greatest mp3 player on the planet. if people opened their eyes to it's limitations and it's ridiculous price compared to what many other mp3 players offer without limiting usage of mp3's without HACKS (like the ipod), they would dump the ipod into the same garbage can that i threw the slip case
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    Well, I think it is nice to have diversity here. I certainly love my iPod mini and have NO regrets for buying it. It does not have one of those slip cases, though.

    I am still interested in buying anyone's case who did not throw it away.
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    I'll hook up Francisco, Someone else can help the rest.
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    cool, another Francisco
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    Hello all,

    I also lost my original case some time ago. It was ideal for me because I keep my Treo in my pant pocket (hate the belt clip phone look). Since I often have loose change and a pen in my pocket also, I'd like to minimize or avoid scratches they may cause to the Treo.

    If someone local has one to sell for a nominal fair price, please email me at Thanks.
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    Your used, but like new, slip case is heading your direction, all they way from Austin, Texas.

    Tell ya what, it was only $1.53 for envolpoe and shipping, so don't worry about it.
    Just pay it forward one day. It's all good.....
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    Matt, thanks so much for sending me the case. I love it. It is brand new, and I am a happy camper. You are such a nice guy for doing this. Many thanks!
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    Your welcome!
    Enjoy, and thanks for the card and the $10, I had a great lunch, thanks!
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