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    I'm not able to use my company's network for my e-mail. I currently don't have an internet provider. I have an e-mail acct set up with Yahoo, the free version.

    I have just recently installed the Eudora EIS 2.1 on my Treo. When it comes to entering the incoming and outgoing server, I don't know what to put for Yahoo, and even if that would work.

    What are the best suggestions??

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    It looks like you would need a yahoo Mail Plus account to be able to use yahoo to read and write mail from a thrid party program, such as Eudora. Try this link for more info:
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    First question that needs to be answered is who is your cell provider? Which Treo do you own?

    Other email applications:

    Web solution:

    Also Yahoo Mobile isn't too bad for accessing Yahoo Mail.
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    If your a SprintPCS user, the use the mail account that comes included with your service. It wont cost you anything extra and you can use the Mail program that comes with the Treo 600.

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