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    My palm was working fine before I installed the 'updater' patch from this site. After I installed the patch, it developed a problem.

    Most of the time, when I try to access the data services (email or web), it will connect, get a gprs connection, and then I can proceed.

    However, some of the time, it will throw up a message in the middle of the screen that says "please wait"

    That message will sit there for 1-2 minutes, then it will go away, and nothing will happen, or, i will get an error saying that gprs services are not available.

    This happens about every 15th time I use the phone. Once this happens, the phone becomes unusable. It will continue to happen on each repeated attempt and the data service will never work.

    If I press the reset button to do a reboot of the treo, then, it will suddenly and immediately start working again.

    This is consistently the resolution.

    So, clearly, the problem is not that grps is unavailable. If gprs were unavailable, then it would continue to fail after the reboot. And, I never had this problem before installing the patch. So, it seems like the patch has casued this problem.

    Has anyone else experienced this?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mitchmu
    Has anyone else experienced this?
    Yes, it used to happen ALL THE TIME to me. I called and called and called T-Mobile and *****ed and *****ed and *****ed until they atleast addressed the problem. They finally did, I'm not sure if they did something for me or not, but ever since then it has not done it a single time.

    So, if you have T-Mobile, you have my name, run in by them, maybe they can look it up and figure out what they fixed on mine to fix yours.
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    I've had the problem too...

    Sometimes hitting "Home" gets it to connect to GPRS but usually I have to do a soft reset.

    I think their new firmware has bugs in it. I hope they are working on an update.
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    I have this problem too, and it started with the firmware update a couple of months ago.

    My problem is a bit more common than reported here - it's about one in three times I try to connect. It's annoying as all hello, too.

    Other related info... I can often "clear" this condition by turning wireless off and then back on again. Usually the first connection after the wireless comes back on also fails, but does not put up the "please wait" message. It gets stuck establishing a connection, then it times out. But before I can actually DO anything about it, it tries again - and succeeds!

    I'm on T-mobile, who has been vastly better in the customer service department than AT&T Wireless was. However, I haven't called them about this part yet.
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    I'm having the same problem. Could it be the SIM card? I have tried a new device as well but kept having the same problem! I don't see how the T-mobile connnection could be the problem.

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