Not sure if this would fall under communications or not, (you do need a telephone number to communicate with people right?)

Anyways, does anyone know what the limit is for inputting notes at the end of an address entry?

I have a 3rd party address/database software (office Accelerator) that has a palm sync utility. It transfers every thing to the treo 600 and the notes.

However, it seems to have a limit to where it will :
1. cut off the note.
2. in some cases, put the balance of the note in the "edit", "note" section of the file. Meaning you can't see the balance of the notes if you just scroll down, but if you click the edit button and then the 'note' button, you can see it all.
3. If there are too many characters, it will just not transfer any notes at all.

Has anyone had this experience?

As long as i have memory on the Treo, (which i have plenty) why should there be limitations? I have something like 4800 Addresses and only a few have very long notes, but just want to figure out the parameters and limitations of the software.