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    I have read so many posting and I can not figure this thing out. Like everyone else my companies email is on thru an exchange server. I have contacted them and they told me that I would not be able to access it thru IMAP. Every one has a blackberry but I hate that damm thing and I refuse to take it anywhere. Is there such software out there thats going to solve my problem? Please just give me an answer... I wish outlook would come out with an outlook for the Treo...
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    Are you a Sprint customer? If so, Sprint's Business Connect personal edition will sync your Exchange email on your Treo. It also syncs the calendar (1-way), contacts, and even files on your work PC.
    There are plenty of other "Desktop redirector" solutions besides Business Connect. Some examples are Visto MessageXpress, Inbox To Go Wireless, and Aileron.

    With any luck RIM will come out with a Palm version of their BlackBerry service software. Since your company is already using BlackBerry, this would mean that you could use your Treo for pushed email instead of an actual BlackBerry branded device.

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