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    Will the Treo become our future TV and PC? I hope so!
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    Nice try to copywrite the idea, but the concept of using a PDA as a thin-client to a PC isn't anything new. Software to do it already exists (it's called VNC).

    You want Treo TV? Get a working wi-fi card and the forthcoming SlingBox ( and you'll have your live TV, with no delays in your pocket. Maybe if I get me some Ev-Do, I won't need wi-fi.
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    Thanks for your comment and for the SlingBox tip (very interesting).

    Yes, I agree with you, our Treo can currently interface with our PC in more ways than one but this is not quite what I suggested. With VNC you can indeed access your PC remotely but, as I suggest, you cannot currently 'plug' your treo directly into a monitor (without the need for a separate PC) and thus the Treo cannot currently function as a fully fledged PC replacement unit (the 'thin client' terminology has many interpretations which may create some confusion).

    In the end, what I suggested was to only have a 1) Treo; 2) monitor and 3) keyboard and _nothing_ else - such a setup becoming a full desktop replacement unit. Do you know of a way this can currently be done?

    I hope that I've managed to outline my thoughts more clearly.

    Cheers, W.
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    Update on the Slingbox from CES:

    I can't wait for this baby!
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    The Slingbox sounds great, but I bet that the movie and TV industries are going to be up in arms over it. If there's anything that's been taught during the last few years, it's that you shouldn't underestimate Big Media's ability to stand in the way of technological progress. Especially with most of Congress in their pocket.
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    You can watch TV - sort of - today on the Treo 600. There's no sound yet, and it looks more like a slideshow that TV, but you can wach CNN, using SkyWire Video. Wish I had the URL handy. It's somewhere in the web site.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wanderman
    ...have a 1) Treo; 2) monitor and 3) keyboard and _nothing_ else - such a setup becoming a full desktop replacement unit.
    Check out the Presenter-to-Go (in the store). It is an SDIO solution, and while mainly used for slide presentations it can also "mirror" the Treo screen on the VGA out (not sure if it works with the 650 yet, will check when I get back from CEA). Add a wireless keyboard and you are set.

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