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    I cannot track down where this alert is coming from. It seems everytime I send a SMS, when it is received, I have an alert go off. I checked Butler and do not see that option there; nor on the treo itself. Any ideas? Thanks!
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    I have a Verizon phone and when I send an SMS - Verizon verifies that the message was delivered to another Verizon phone...for some reason (I have lightwav also) it notifies you that the message was delivered. I verified this because I happened to be looking at my SMS screen when I sent a message, text was grey then turned blue with a sound notification.

    Hope this helps...
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    Are you using Callfilter? I have a Sprint T600 and I have "no caller id" and "blocked" calls automatically sent to my voicemail. I've noticed that even though my phone didn't ring or anything, Butler would pick up the auto-forward to voicemail as a missed call and then start alerting me. That sucked because there was no option to choose to end the alert. Hope this helps too!

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