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    I know hotsync backs up SMS information as when I've had a hard reset and then synced all my messages have been recoved. But is it possible to read them where-ever they are stored on my laptop?

    Anyone know anything?
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    i believe that your first bet would be to find the file in the C:\Program Files\Handspring\[HotSync ID]\Backup directory... in there is all the PRC files from your treo... there are a few relating to SMS, but i have no clue how you would open the PRC to see the messages
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    Good idea (though in my case c:\program files\palm\ etc). But the PRC is the program files and the PDB is the data files - so I guess its SMS_Msg_Database.PDB etc

    I had a look with Notepad and could see some of the messages, then there are the files SMS_[phone number].pdb which has the message threads for each number.

    Anyone know the format for these files or have a reader handy? Cheers.

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