I am a complete non-techie. i plug things in and hope they work. i originally entered the 21st century by buying a treo 300 because i wanted to be able to access my work email while bored to death at meetings. (i rarely even use the phone and had never owned a cell phone before).

I recently exchanged my 300 for a 600. all i did was hotsync my 600, thus presumably transferring everything i had on 300 to 600. For some reason i couldn't download my company email website on the 600. upon numerous conversations with sprint, someone suggested i download a different version of eudora. why do i have eudora? i have no idea, someone probably told me to download it on to my 300 when i first bought it. So now my email site will download-- if i have 20 mintues to spare.

i then downloaded webpro to see if that helped. then the email website wouldn't download at all.

so, is changing the browser going to help me? i really need to access this site. Aside from this problem, what is the best browser/email application to have on the 600?

thanks for your patience.