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    I sent my Treo for repair and got back apparently a new unit. Now when I try to use the reach a contact no matter what key I press the phone does a soft reset. I am also unable to reach my contacts when I send an SMS.
    The error that appears when I press *377 is HsExt68KShims.c, Line:4451, Undefined Hanspring trap.
    I have tryed deleting all programs I have installed and it keeps resetting.
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    Do a hard reset and try again without installing any 3rd party app. If it still resets, send it back for another replacement. Good luck.
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    I've had that happen to me on my old 7135. The address database is probably currupt. I would not only do a hard reset, but also erase your backup address database in your palmone folder before doing a restore. Then you might have to sync again to restore your addresses from your email program or palm desktop software.
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