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    How much better are games on a hi res PDA? I've never seen or played any on anything but my Treo 600.

    I'm planning to purchase (when available) a Sony Playstation Portable. While it will undoubtedly be far superior, I'm just wondering if gaming on a future hi res Treo might be enough to satisfy me.

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    If it's games you want I doubt even a hi-res treo will satisfy you. Go for the portable ps.
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    I think it depends on the games. Some games like Bejewled seem to lend themselves very nicely to Treo's touchscreen. I don't know if the PSP would be able to duplicate that. The treo's keyboard could also be useful in text-based games, where I don't think the PSP could be too good for that.

    That said, a dedicated gaming machine will always be better overall. It's going to be able to take more punishment on the keypad and screen than you could with the Treo. The PSP will also have much better graphics and be able to push more pixels faster (if those kind of games are your thing).
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    the treo cannot take much keyboard abuse - i know people who's 5 way navigator died on them due to heavy gaming on the treo600. my advice is to avoid action games on the treo due to the fast nature of the button pressing. stick to puzzles, word games, etc - like monopoly, scrabble and what not.

    your dedicated PS or nintendo gameboy is a better bet for good games, good graphics and good fun.
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    these things aint even comparable. first you ask the difference between a hi-res pda vs. a treo600. then you want to compare it to a psp. the psp is basically a handheld ps2. a bit weaker tho. but that's what type of games it's for. basically it's going to be like this.....

    psp.............nintendo ds.............................gba...............................hi res pda....low res pda.

    if it was a chart, that's how they'd get ranked.

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