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    Hi Gang..

    Anyone have T-Zones working on a 270? I signed up for $4.99 service after they took away free wap. ("Those Bastards")

    Official answer for T Mo is that it won't work on a 270....
    I am sure one of you guys has a great work around....

    Any pointers would be appreciated.
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    I 've been up since Monday on $4.99 T-Zones... they must have taken almost a week to turn it on.... The withdrawl from WAP was so bad I almost checked in to Betty Ford clinic... but getting my fix now...

    I do not use pop3 mail.. so i cant speak for that...

    However, If you download AVANTGO (free) It really works great on my 270 Use it as your browser, no proxy needed and you can travel most of the web... Yahoo mail work thru that (without push)

    Verichat is working on the T-Zones wap as well....

    To set up ... use your old free t mo settings

    login blank
    password blank

    Its just like before.... in fact I am curious if they put everyone back on, I want to try it with my wifes sim card to find out... haven't gotten around to that yet but will get back to all..

    One happy camper here...

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