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    About once a day the treo will not recognize the SD card in the slot. (The apps on the SD card with powerrun will not run). I have a sandisc 512. When I pop it out and put it back, everything is fine. Does anyone else have that problem? Suggestions?
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    sandisc or sandisk? do you have a fake SanDisk card called Sandisc? that might be one problem.
    if you do have a legit SanDISK card, when did you get it? apparantly sandisk had problems working on treo's because of their power requirements. this might be another problem.
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    It is a SanDisk 512 (sorry for the typo). Is this a bad choice?
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    no it isn't a bad choice. if i were you, i would borrow a friend's SD card and use it to install an app or two and upload some MP3's and see if they work fine. test it over a 24 - 48 hour period and see if the problems arise. if they do, then something is wrong with the treo. Try a hard reset or factory reset (you will lose all data) and try again. it might be a local application that is causing your SD card to act up. if it still doesn't work, then it is probably the seating slot for your SD card in the treo that is messed up. if it is easier for you to replace the treo than to follow the above steps, i would do that.
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    I know I am a broken record but SanDisk + PalmOne devices = BAD NEWS
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    SanDisk media always used to have a terrible reputation for performance and quality... That seems to have turned around with the release of Ultra II and the faster speed, but it's still overpriced and there are a few complaints like this.
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    what's a good SD Card reader/writer? I am still looking for a CHEAP but reliable SD card reader/writer. i wanna avoid sandisk products though. anyone have the kanguru?
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    I use a card reader by Dazzle. It works great and have had no problems. Bought it at Compusa
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    Quote Originally Posted by rcyphermd
    About once a day the treo will not recognize the SD card in the slot. (The apps on the SD card with powerrun will not run). I have a sandisc 512. When I pop it out and put it back, everything is fine. Does anyone else have that problem? Suggestions?
    I have the same problem. My sandisk 128 mb works fine so it's not the Treo. Any luck with the ultra or alternative brand?
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    Hello all, my first post =)

    Although SanDisk seems to have a horrible reputation (according to all the posts I've been reading), I have both 256MB and 512MB versions of their SD cards (not Ultra series). I noticed that the treo will sometimes not recognize the card, but only if after I use certain applications, like MMplayer. As you described, popping the card out and back in usually fixes the issue (sometimes a reset is required), but I'm inclined to think this is not necessarily a card problem, but an application issue.
    I don't have the know-how, but I'm wondering if one of the very talented people on the forums would be able to test this?
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    Anyone with a Sandisk 512 Ultra have any info to post here?
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    I have a Sandisk Ultra II 512MB that does the same thing. It is intermittant and very difficult to diagnose. With the same software loaded on my palm, my 256MB Simpletech never had this problem. It is annoying, but not a showstopper for me.
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    I do NOT work for Panasonic, but I still say they make the best, fastest, most stable SD cards (at least for use in PalmOne devices) - a bit more $$, but worth it!
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    I also have a Sandisk 512 Ultra and I have experienced the same thing. I have noticed it mainly in the morning when my backup software has an error telling me there is no card for it to backup onto. It does not happen all the time but enough to be annoying (1-2 times every 3-4 days). I have been VERY happy with the performance with the SanDisk ultra card and speed is a major concern for me, so if there are any other cards out there with AS GOOD of a speed than the Ultra II, then I might consider a change over but until then, I will probably just deal with it. I am going to be calling SanDisk on Monday to see if there is anything they can help me with. Maybe a new version???
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    I also have the same problem using PowerRun. Some apps work, some don't. Using Kodak branded 256 Meg card. Can move to Treo with FileZ and works fine. PowerRun or card problem? Can't tell for sure.
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    I have a 256mb Sandisk card that has been working in my Kyo 7135 for the last year with no issues but in the Treo I suffer from the same "not recognized" issues as outlined in this thread. I see the Sandisk cards all over the place for very cheap prices but I'm not really willing to risk missing a backup due to a card/device compatability issue. I guess I'll by a new Panasonic card and use the Sandisk for non-critical applications.

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    If anyone still cares about this thread......

    It's starting to look like it's the Treo - not the card. I bought a Panasonic 256MB card and I'm seeing the same types of issues.

    - PTunes gives me an error message telling me to make sure that the card is inserted but about 1/2 the time it finds the files when I try to add to the playlist.
    - FileZ sees the card about 1/2 the time but will occasionally hang up (requireing a reset) when I try to view the file information.
    - Cardinfo sometimes sees the card correctly, including manufacturer information. Sometimes it sees an Unknown card, and sometimes doesn't see the card at all.

    I'm still on my 15 day trial with Verizon so I think I'll try to get a replacement.

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    The saga continues....

    I just exchanged my Treo for a brand-new out of the box unit and it has the same problem with both the Sandisk (non-ultra) and Panasonic cards.

    This may be a deal-breaker for me - I need daily backups to feel confident in this device.

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    After the Treo resets itself, it doesn't recognize there is an SD card insterted until you pop it out and in again. Why it doesn't somehow reboot the card who knows. The Treo's really enjoy resetting themselves at random. I've had 6 replaced so far and they all like to randomly reset at the wierdest times even after every firmware upgrade. Haven't traced this to any software I installed cuz it'll still do it with just the stock apps in there.
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    I am having more problems with the SD card not being read. I need to pop it out and back in for it to work. (1GB Lexar). It works fine then. I am using mp3s for phone and sms alerts and am missing those alarms because Pocket tunes apparently does not see them on the sd card. When I pop in out and back, it rings fine for a while. Suggestions?? Thanks in advance. a very annoying problem.
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