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    My phone keeps resetting and it's becoming extremely annoying. Whether I use any of the favorites, speed dials, press any button on the "on-screen" dial pad, dial the number using the keyboard or initiate a call from my address book, call log, redial list or any other program on my Treo, it instantly resets. I would dial ##377 but as soon as I hit the first "pound" in resets! Can someone help me please? I'm over here pulling my hair out and I have a lot to pull, LOL!

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    Are you running Profeo Light? I had the same problem and disabled PL and the problem went away. The developer is working on the issue.
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    I deleted Profeo Light and now I can make and receive calls. My palm still crashes occasionally when using the phone app and when I try to hotsync, but still a definite improvement over how it was acting previously. Thanks a lot for the advice. Quick question: did you have problems connecting to the net afterwards? All of a sudden, when I try to connect to the net, it tells me "an error occurred opening the network connection". I think I might of deleted an important file while trying to find the problem earlier, but I'm not sure. Please help!
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    Nope my network works just fine. Sounds like you may want to start from a fresh installation.

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