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    Ok, I give. What has happened to my Treo? The other day someone called me and I tried to answer them using my headset. I could hear them just fine but they could not hear me.

    Ok, I figured my headset had bit the dust. I've tried three new headsets and still the same results.

    Hmmmm.. maybe system failure. Just did a HARD reset and still no one can hear me when I use my headset.

    Thoughts? Recommendations?
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    The headset jack on the phone has a tendency towards complete failure. ie; my 1st T-6. Keep after it to be sure, before engaging support, but be prepared for bad news. Good luck, I hope it is something simple.

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    That's kind of what I figured... not good.


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    Quote Originally Posted by charlesk
    That's kind of what I figured... not good.
    Not good, but typical of a T600. Not that a mass recall is needed, yeah right.
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    Could the cause be the physical connection inside the headset jack? I had to trim some plastic off my headset jack to get it to stick in far enough to work.
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    Unfortunately, I had already trimmed the headset. Been using it for months. Just stopped working. Thanks to all... Guess I am going to have to decide what to do about the phone.

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    I've seen this on my Sprint Treo 600. I've done the trimming thing to no avail. But did a soft reset with the phone turned on seemed to fix the issue. But I've also heard of failures to the internal Jack so a visit to the carrier's tech store might be able to see quickly if the jack has failed.
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    When I answer my VZW Treo with the headset button, the phone answers but the phone continues to ring!

    Anyone have this problem (and a solution!)
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    I have developed a similar problem. After 10 months of reliable service, the headset no longer works. The phone doesn't recognize when the headset is plugged in and no sound plays through it. I have tried 3 different headsets, including the standard Handspring. I can hear a soft click when each headset is plugged into the phone, but the phone does not react. The headsets check good on other phones.

    A hard reset of the phone did not help. The phone was not dropped.

    My impression is that the phone no longer sees the headset jack. I can't tell if this is hardware or software. Any suggestions?
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    Same here. If I hold the jack to one side it make contact and works, but the second I let it go it stops working. Replacement on it's way, # 5 for me. This one has lasted about six months.

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