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    Has anyone used Kinoma Producer to convert a DVD movie? I'm wondering how big the file is after it's converted. I'm trying to decide from Kinoma Procuder or Pocket DVD in terms of file conversation size.
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    Kinoma doesn't convert DVD's. You could use PocketDVD to make it an avi, then convert to Kinoma though.
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    i convert my dvd's to mp4 using nero (for streaming on my home network) then the ones i want on my T600 i convert with kinoma producer.
    i like kinoma, everyone here will bag on it and say use mmplayer... but i havent been able to get mmplayer to work correctly once. kinoma has ran like a champ and not one crash, reset or any other problem
    oh yeah i converted the Matrix Revolutions, just the movie no extras or menus etc. for kinoma it was 486MB. it fit on my 512 and played great.that was using the treo preset in kinoma
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    Man, a similar sized MPEG4 file that can be played on MMPlayer will be around 178MB. It's only $14.99 too. Go spend your $70 buying extra 512MB cards. I can fit 500 minutes of med quality video for Treo on a 512MB card.
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    mmplayer will not run on my t600. resets it everytime, even with the newest firmware and newest release. and none of the menus function properly. i gave up on it kinoma is easier.
    i already have a 512MB anyway. and kinoma producer wasnt that expensive 20 something dollars.
    i dont watch movies anyway, usually just tv stuff i miss during the week. couple hours tops and for that it works just fine.

    any ideas on why mmplayer aint workin shoot. i'd love to be able to use mpeg4. its a great video format and the one i use at home. but i'm not wastin time on a program that's a pain in the ***.
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    Using the Latest version with Treo 600 skin ?
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    even tried the other skins for the heck of it. same problem

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