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    OK, I am looking for an open top case / pouch style that the Treo can easily slide in and out. I compared the Blackberry 62xx series dimensions which are 4.5 x 2.9 x .94 to the Treo which are 4.4 x 2.4 x .9 so it's a close fit.

    Anyone ever try alternative cases for their phone ?

    I can't find any pouch style designed just for Treo so am going to see if I can find some locally and test them out for fit.

    The Nutshell is the closest to what I want but price is high w/shipping and I dont find the color very attractive.

    Any thoughts ?
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    I had one, for my 300, and I also used it for a while on my 600 until I put eGrips on it. Worked fine. I used the 957 (I think) soft case, and the 600 slid in and out nicely. In fact, I even ordered that case expressly from RIM for my 300 not long after I got it. When I used the case with the 300, I cut back a <little> bit of the side elastic to allow headset use. Ultimately, the need to have a headset with the 600 proved to be the undoing of using the case with the 600. Since the headset port is on the bottom of the 600, I didn't really want to fumble around with gouging out a hole of the bottom of the case, and more importantly, I didn't want to mess with attaching/removing the headset to/from the bottom of the phone while trying to use that case. So - I messed around with a whole bunch of various cases/holsters, etc, before settling and deciding on the ProClip holster. For what I want, it's the best one, for me. It works great with eGrips, allows all ports, etc to be accessible. And it securely holds the 600 to my side in a very unobtrusive manner. I really like it.

    That's my long saga.
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    The standard Apple iPod case actually works great ... it's very similar to the one Palm/HS provides, but it has a clip on it, and it's *much* easier to slide the treo in. That said, the iPod case still hugs the treo very well, so no fear of it flying out by accident.


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    well I tried 'em both - the RIM case and the iPod case - and I thought the iPod case was pretty tight. Kinda hard to slide in and out. The RIM case was much easier.
    Of course, once I went to eGrips, they both became non-relevant to me.
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    lol- one of the people at work actually put 2 and 2 together... we had a collection of RIM957 leather and holster cases... we took one of the leather cases and took out the clip, then sewed it into the treo slip case that came with the phone and it works great... i've found that the 957 slip cases don't hold the phone too well... it bulges a bit and there's too much room on the sides.
    The iPod case works the best for the thrifty person... it was almost the same exact measurements as the slip case... after a while though... you get used to the phone and want an easier way to quickly access the phone... most people i work with now have some sort of custom treo specific case... a few are buying the seidio holster

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