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    Ever since I updated withs palms 1.20 updater, FILEZ is freaking out my treo.
    My display gets bright and I get a major hit to my battery, almost like a short circuit reaction. I'm pretty sure its filez because I virtually deleted everthing on my treo and it worked fine. After a while I would add filez because of its capabilities and within a day, the surge thing would start up again. It seems to be causing some type of interference which when your in camera mode looks like an old tv with vertical hold problems. Is it just me or is anyone else suffering with these problems?
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    That is very strange indeed. I have been using Filez since my Kyo6035 with not a problem at all. If you haven't tried this already, delete it again, make sure you have the latest version 5.3.2, then install it clean from the sites, Palm Gear, My, or here.
    Ibrahim B.

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