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    Why would you need a WIFI card for your treo that allows you to hook up at WIFI spots at an additional cost when you can use a software like PDANet that connects your treo to a computer through the USB port and uses exisisting data services from anywhere?
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    Two Words.... No Cables
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    Forgot the obvious... No Laptop
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    Well, I think you have a point, but if you are a heavy wifi user you may not want to risk your provider cutting off your data services if you always use the Treo600 for this. Besides, for most people wifi would be quite a bit faster than using the Treo as a modem (This based on my experiences with PDA Net).
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    WiFi should be much faster too.
    More than anything else I've always been greatly disappointed in the high latency of the Treo connection.
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    What would WIFI do for you and your treo that data services doesn't if no lap top is involved in the process?
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    other than the lack of cable, what would wifi add to the process? Isn't the choice treo and its small screen or laptop with full computing functions. And if its the laptap choosen, wouldn't it be cheaper to just buy a wifi card and bypass the treo altogether?
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    With my wifi connection at home I could easily access documents and folders on my internal network (behind a firewall from the internet). I could also do the same while at work.. accessing documents on my work computer from a conference room across the building. As well as using faster internet access that doesn't go through a proxy or recompress images and text.
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    Thanks pablosbrain. Your getting into areas I have never considered but my understanding is that we aren't getting WIFI on treo anyway.
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    Right and even though it seemed kind of obvious to me, isn't the idea behind using the Treo with wifi, for those instances when you wouldn't have your laptop with you?
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    I guess I just don't understand the difference betwwen WIFI and traditional data services.
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    Speed... transfering a couple of megabytes through Sprints Vision can take a long time. Not t mention the fact that Sprint's coverage within our office building is would be great to simply connect to the company's WiFi network and get my emails, etc. whereever I happen to be standing.

    Also, too, I should mention that more and more hotspots are free... it's a trend that is picking up in hotels in particular (stayed in two this week that offered free wireless) and sooner or later other places are going to catch onto the fact that it attracts business. Marriot annouced a push to install wireless in every Marriot hotel in the next two years. Their spokeman said that they would initially charge ($9.99 a day I think) for access but that they knew they would have to offer it for free in the future.
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    And unfortunately your right... it doesn't seem this version of the treo will be seeing wifi. Hopefully they will correct this in the next incarnation of the treo!
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    Lets look at a marketing plan palm one is not stupid if they give us the ability to have wifi now why would we want to trade up to the treo ace which may be out in October.

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    I know they say that there are power problems with the treo 600 powering either bluetooth or wi-fi sd cards, but couldn't they build the card with a small replacable battery in it (probably in the part of the card sticking out of the treo?) I guess not...
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    they do this with the CF CDMA network card for use in PDAs, but it isn't a good idea in the SD form factor because A- it would almost double the size of the phone and B- SD cards can't handle the weight associated with the battery...
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    Interesting note. Just had my treo replaced and I read the side of the box and it said something about blue tooth and wifi from third party sources. Guess that never worked out.

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