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    I have my Treo 600 working OK using Treo Mail and our Domino server (pop & smtp), but Sprint's Business Connection claims it gives background push e-mail. Any feedback on this feature?

    And I want more than just email synch... like calendar, to do's, etc. Anyone using Lotus Notes / Domino with Sprint's Business Connection Personal edition? If so, how do you like it?

    Thanks, Randy
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    i thought BC only did exchange?
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    BizConn does Lotus Notes. You just install a program on your desktop to forward everything to the sprint server.

    Unfortunately, the BizConn for palm service does not do anything with the notes calendar or to-do list. All of that remains rather uselessly on the server. You can get it to page your phone when an appointment is due... but you can do that with a standard cellphone.

    Spending a fortune on the wired hotsync seems a waste of money. I'd rather wait 5 years for Sprint to finally get around to updating their software.

    Talking of which, their software seems to crash the system when it syncs. It hogs memory/processor power when syncing to the point where the treo resets. Quality software. Anyway, Sprint's solution is to just do a hard reset and hope for the best. Quality service.

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    BizConn also does IMAP that is what I use everyday.

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