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    I have an AT&T Treo 600 with the included Docs to Go viewer by DataViz. I use the built in email program.

    I have had no problem downloading email attachments until yesterday when I got at message to the effect that my data storage was full. Emptying web browser (blazer) cache, freeing up memory, etc. does not solve the problem. The Treo delete list gives no clue. While FileZ lists a data file (DB) for DocsToGo, I hestitate to delete it without being sure of the result.

    Anyone know how I clear the data storage :confused, so I can download new email attachments?
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    I believe there's a bug with the built in email program that when you download and delete attachments to email they really don't get deleted and a certain file just keeps growing and growing until you run out of memory.
    I can't think of a good search term but if you look around a little, or maybe just search for bug+email you can get lucky.
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    Get Filez and then go into the PalmCard. You'll see Email#@#@#@#@# and the file size next to it. You can delete it but you'll have to reconfigure your email settings. Not a big deal.
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    Go to "Edit Accounts" in the view section and delete your e-mail account. Then re-enter your info as a new e-mail account. Very cumbersome but it will work to open a bunch of memory.

    Good luck!

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    Problem is you lose all the email addresses the client has "learned" and auto-completes. Anybody know of a way to save those?

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