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    Hello all,

    I searched the forums but couldn't find a final answer for this. I bought a brand new treo 600 from ebay about 2 months ago. It was sealed, complete with manuals and software, etc. and wasn't refurbished. ##786 shows that warranty date is March 2004.

    after 2 months of light use, the infamous orange dead pixels started popping up and now has formed a thumb-size orange blob on the screen I had so many PDAs before this and never seen anything like this!!

    will sprint pcs or palmOne honor the warranty on this? Did anyone have a similar experience before and can provide any tips or pointers? TIA
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    I believe at least Sprint would honor the warranty. I bought my first Treo from palmOne and Sprint took care of warranty issues. I don't think Sprint has any idea where you purchased the unit.
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    Sprint elected to handle all defects and returns of its treo. PLMO has nothing to do with it. Just take it to a Sprint store and tell them u need a replacement because the hardware is defective.

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