Hi everybody

As some of you may know, there are some network feature codes that can be dialed before the number to use some services (e.g. #31# in GSM to hide caller ID, *69 -i think- in CDMA ...). If you're dialing from the numbers keypad or the favorites, it's easy to include the code. But if you dial from contacts or other app, the code must be included in the number or you have to copy-paste the number in the phone application to manually include the code. Or you can edit the contacts entry, and have the phone number duplicated w/ and w/o code...

So the question is: There is any app / improvement that allows to include that kind of codes when you want? My wish is a configurable checkbox in the phone app (you can configure the code and the default) to include or not to include the code before the number.

If not, I think I'll move this post to the developers corner