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    I've had my Treo 300 for ten months. (No, I didn't buy an extended warranty.): Just a few days ago it started showing a horizontal purple line that extends all the way across the screen. As far as I can tell it's positioned exactly halfway down the screen. It's visible from every application and only disappears when the unit is off.

    At first I thought it was due to a graphic relic from BlitGame's Aggression, a Risk-like game demo I had recently installed, since the line would appear where an equator should be on a world map. But I checked Blit's site, and there's no equator on their screen shots. Just coincidence, I guess. I've removed the game demo and tried soft, hard, and extended hard resets with no luck.

    I've read posts of people who have had screen lines after opening their Treos, but I've never opened mine before. Any ideas?
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    It could be shock... there is a ribbon cable that connects the screen to the main PCB. Sometimes a shock can move the cable within its connector. If the cable isn't exactly in the right place, a line (or lines) can appear on the screen.

    If it's still under warranty, you could return it or if it's not, it would mean an open and fix it job.

    (mi speeling sucks! Hence the edit).
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    Treo 300 has 12 mo warranty from Sprint
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    Mine has a horizontal yellow line toward the bottom of the screen, right through the serch window. It's a year and a half + old. I have a Best Buy warranty, but I'm waiting for the Ace.

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