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    First Post!

    Good day to everyone.

    I recently got hold of this t180 with a dead battery. Being outside the shippable countries, I stumbled to a site on how they used a nokia battery successfully as a replacement.

    With my limited knowledge in electronics, I set out and bought myself the tools.

    My treo 180 rite now boots up fine with the batt pack unplugged and the ac put in. But the problem is wverytime I put the battery in, it shuts itself off. And I also noticed the neg wire heats up.

    Nway, If i remove the batt and plug in the ac adaptor, it boots up flawlessly again. What could be the problem here?
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    the battery is probably the wrong way around (negative is on positive line, positive is on negative) or the protection circuit isnt working properly.

    can you please post the URL of the site where you saw the procedure?
    be careful when working with lithium ion batteries.
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    hmm... thats weird. Im pretty sure reds positive and blacks negative. hmmm....

    Is it possible to connect the battery directly to the treo without the charging circuit from the old battery? I suspect thats what's causing the prob.

    Do a search for it here. The instructions are for a 270 though.

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