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    I tried out the first version of this program...truthfully it didn't do anything to be worth the silly price. However, this new version really has features that make the program worth more than the others...$30 is too high, but I'd be happier if it were between $15 and $25(at most).

    The call completion features are really fantastic...adding notes to individual contacts and/or to a daily call log. The rules system having the ability to delete SMS, prevent the pop-up, and autoreply...along with a few other just perfect. I have one person that won't stop messaging me and this is turning out to be quite useful. I think alot of the other options were alredy on Callfilter but man, now this will be the first program I will actually buy to put on my Treo 600...along with TreoGuard in second.
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    do u work for them?
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    can i get it in free?
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       #4, I don't work for them! I wish I did, maybe I wouldn't have to pay so much for it.

    I don't think this will be one of those programs that we get for free though. It is definitely worth paying for, but it really should cost less.
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    If it had allowed individual ringtones for SMS's I'd have bought it to replace lightwave.
    Don't pay for PC games that don't have a quicksave option. If developers can't be bothered, why should you?
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    buy it at handango with the 25% off ($7 off)
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    Yes, the added features of version 1.2 definitely make this app worth the money. i requested one of these features in developer's corner a while ago, looks like someone listened:

    Oh, yeah don't forget when u can get through to the developer you can sometimes get volume discounts if u can get some users together to purchase it with you.

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