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    I posted this problem under a different thread and didn't get many responses, so here goes...

    Since about a week after upgrading my T-Mobile Treo 600 using the official T-Mobile updater to firmware 3.05/1.12, any SMS messages sent to or from my phone are severely delayed. For about a third of the messages, the delays are 2 to 4 hours, and occasionally, the messages never get through at all. If I send a message longer than 160 characters (which will get split up into multiple messages), there is around a 95% chance that the message will be delayed 2 or more hours and a 25% chance that it will be lost entirely.

    Here's the kicker: after about three weeks of troubleshooting the network with T-Mobile's tech support, I figured out that it was the Treo 600 at fault, because I am able to send and receive messages within seconds on a Nokia phone with the same SIM card.

    Is anyone else experiencing this problem? Can anyone recommend a fix? I'm having a hard time getting to PalmOne for support because they send me to T-Mobile for support. And T-Mobile is not familiar enough with the Treo 600 to offer much assistance. Help--I'm going nuts here, getting in fights with my girlfriend because our messages get delayed and arrive out of order, and even losing business deals!
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    BTW, I've tried installing the updated CarrierProfiles and NetworkProfiles databases AND doing hard resets, but the messages are still delayed. If this keeps up, I'll have to switch back to a regular phone!
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    No clue here. I don't have an issue with sms on my T-Mo 600.
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    I too have experienced the sms problems you are mentioning. After many hours talking with T-Mobile tier 2 tech people, they have come to the realization that there is a problem in THEIR system, not the Treo! They are feverishly working on a solution, at least that is the impression I am getting. I cannot explain why the sms messages would work on a Nokia, but not on the Treo. I am anxiously awaiting a fix to this problem! What leads me to believe that it is not the Treo is that when I send long messages to someone without a Treo, their messages are delayed too!

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    Before I got my Sprint T600 I used a T68i on Tmobile. I had the same problem with SMS messages. They were delayed 30 mins or more. I think it is a problem with their system.
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    Thanks for the responses! Like Andrew-NYC's experience, messages I send to non-Treo owners (on and off the T-Mobile network) are also delayed. So, I can't quite rule out the T-Mobile network *or* my Treo 600 phone.

    For now, I'm going ahead on the assumption that it's still a problem with my (post-3.05/1.12 update) Treo 600 phone. The solution I'm currently trying is using a different SMS application. I tried MaxText for a short while and didn't have any problems sending and receiving large messages (but MaxText chops all large messages into individual 160-character texts). I'm also thinking about downgrading to the hacked 1.00 Texter.prc to see if that'll solve the problem.

    More phone calls to T-Mobile tech support ahead--thanks again for all your help!
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    T-Mobile tech support basically abandoned the case when it was determined that the Nokia phone works fine. PalmOne didn't have any answer for the problem. Today, I downgraded to PalmOne's SMS 1.0 app (available at to see if that will solve my problem.

    I am also going to try FunSMS 4.0 in a week or so (gotta test SMS 1.0 for a while).
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    I had same issue between sprint nokia and T600. what I did was simple.......

    Sprint offerd the 1.10 update that I believ fixed it.

    also the nokia had to be reset and reprogrammed. hehe it is the t mo system and handeling of txt messages.

    btw all sprint vision pack now have a limted 100 txt msges

    guys go and fix the plans
    get 10 dollar unlimeted vison and 5 dollar unlimeted txt mssgs
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    Hmm. That's very interesting. For me, it was the 3.05/1.12 update that ruined my T-Mo texting. I wonder what's the version of the SMS application that's included in the 1.10 updater?

    My Nokia works fine (and SUPER FAST) with the T-Mobile network. It has not required a reset and works every time without fail. My Treo 600 (now with the downgraded SMS 1.0 application) seems to working reliably again. I can send myself giant (over 400 character) test messages and get them immediately. Previously with the newer SMS app, I could sometimes send myself short messages (under 20 characters) and still receive them 2 hours late!

    We'll see how it goes with testing...
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    I came to the conclusion that the T-mobile gateway from email <--> SMS was not very reliable. That is because at least 25% (probably more) of all of my emails going to SMS on my phone were delayed by some random amount, sometimes up to 8 hours or more. I was sending notification of emails as SMS, so I was getting at least 5 to 10 SMS messages a day that way. It seemed like a pretty good test...

    I have had the problems for the past few years I have been with T-mobile, and started with a Treo 180, and now have a Treo 600, so I don't believe it is my phone.

    I finally decided that I would get notified of those emails faster most of the time by just having SnapperMail check for email every 30 minutes. So I canceled my 300 SMS messages plan.

    I know almost no one who does direct SMS messages (from or to a phone number), so I don't know about the reliability of that method. The few I have gotten seem to be not be delayed, so I assumed that they don't have the problems. But we are talking only about 20 messages over a year or so.

    When I first signed up with T-mobile, I called tech support many times to complain, but they never knew what was going on so I gave up. They don't seem to know what they are doing when it comes ot networking...

    So I guess none of this has been fixed. I was hoping they would eventually fix it and I might get SMS again. It would be nice if someone could figure out what is up. I hate just saying, "T-mobile is probably the problem..."

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    Well, if anyone is having luck with their Treo and a different SMS program, please let me know. I am still having some messages (not all) delayed a good two hours on T-Mobile to T-Mobile sms's. This is unacceptable, to say the least. Is there a better sms program out there where the msgs are never delayed?

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    Hmm. I'm using email maybe once a month, and SMS very often each day. I'm thinking I should probably lower my SMS subscription to the lowest possible plan and switch to using emails, AIM or some other means that will beep when I receive a message. Anybody using FunSMS 4 right now? Other comments on it haven't been focused on its reliability--more on its useability.
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    Well, I just proved that downgrading to the old PalmOne SMS 1.0 application didn't solve my problem. So, it looks like I'll be trying FunSMS 4 right away.
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    Just sent a message to myself using FunSMS 4. It didn't return immediately either. I expect to get the giant message in two to four hours, which will only confirm that none of the available applications can fix the problem. After that, I suppose I could always downgrade to an earlier firmware to see if that will solve the problem...
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    Small clarification to help this discussion focus:

    There are two types of basic SMS service: MT-SMS or Mobile terminated SMS meaning an SMS arrives at your phone/SIM. There is also MO-SMS meaning an SMS message that originates on your phone and is sent. There are other types of SMS that are network initiated e.g. voicemail alerts and programmatic change sms messages you never see that affect your SIM card.

    Intercarrier sms is another area of potential delay. Generally between GSM carriers in the US/Canada, this is very fast but I have seen rather slow international SMS delivery back to the US or vice versa. When you send SMS from Sprint to a GSM carrier you are doing a 'cross species' (to coin a phrase) SMS message event. Generally the messages will send/receive at a good rate these days but there can be intermittent delays.

    The link to email for both inbound and outbound SMS is a separate service which is a link to an email server from the SMS-C server. In other words, the network usually has a mail server that links sms messaging to the Internet - they often farm this linkage out to a large or not-so-large ISP. If this email server or its underlying IP services are having problems, you will see delays in SMS arrival or sending. The SMS-C will stack up the messages and wait until the email server is ready to take them (or perhaps the email server caches them).

    In short, it helps when talking to TMO or your carrier to be very specific about what kind of SMS you are experiencing delays with.
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    Hey, this is very cool information. If I'm understanding you correctly, the GSM carriers translate SMS into standard MIME emails for routing across the open Internet... I had no idea--I had always thought that SMS messages are routed across a private internetwork set up between the various carriers. Something like old ARPAnet...

    I have usually seen delays while sending to friends on other carriers, but the vast majority of this testing that I've been doing is on simple "MT-SMS" and "MO-SMS" messages to and from my girlfriend's Treo 600, and she is also on the T-Mobile network. I have also been testing with a good friend of mine who lives further away and is also using the T-Mobile network. In both cases, there have been delayed messages.

    So, unless T-Mobile is routing messages internally using this SMS-to-email translation and queueing, it should be a very simple matter to get these test messages back and forth.... (I tried to simplify the testing process as much as I could within my power so that I could more easily find the responsible party. Still, here I am, stuck between PalmOne and T-Mobile...)

    Thanks very much for the detailed technical info!
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    Just to clarify - normal SMS messages remain inside the GSM or inter-carrier network infrastructure. They are not routed via the Net. But if you send a message to an email address or you receive a text message to the messaging email address of your phone, then there is an ISP linkage involved.

    There is a useful list of the email address formats for US/Canada carriers here:,CASE=20495
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    Most of my previous experience with SMS was from my own mail server. Since I had no other problems with email delays sending to anyone else, and my server seemed to work fine, I attributed the problems to T-mobile servers in relaying the emails to SMS.

    Since I had no other friends with T-mobile phones, I was never able to check to see if it was the T-mobile SMS network itself, or the mail to SMS system.

    I basically told T-mobile customer service that the delays were unacceptable. I would hate to be the clueless company which tries to use T-mobile SMS as some sort of corporate messaging service. It is just not ready for prime time. I would assume there are none.

    The reason I use T-mobile at all is that they are cheaper than the others, not that they are more reliable. Of course, I haven't used SMS with them for a while. Maybe things have changed. The GPRS systems seems to work much better mostly since I changed to using the Treo 600. Not sure if that was their network getting better, or the four Treo 180s I went through not working very well.

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    I've had problems in the past couple months as far as delayed messages go as well... but not just SMS. I also get delayed voicemail on occassion. And it's definately not the treo's fault, my boyfriend has a nokia on a family plan with me and he's experiencing the same problems. Most messages go through instantly as expected, but every now and then one takes hours or days to go through, or voicemail messages show up in clumps of 2-3 days later. It's quite annoying, and I didn't used to see this problem, so I wonder wtf T-Mobile did to cause it and hope that it get fixed. I've had them as a provider for years and never had an issue like this.
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    I'm still amazed at how "mileage may vary." I'm having no delay sending or receiving sms to anyone anywhere on any carrier. The only time I ever had a delay issue, T-Mo admitted there was a system problem and they were working on it.
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