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    Sprint recently gave me a Treo 600 as a replacement for my broken Treo 300 (needless to say I was ecstatic). Anyway, the only Treo 300 util I'm having trouble living without is "Treo Keyboard Utils".

    Basically, it lets you assign a letter (a-Z A-Z 0-9) to an application. You can then press, on the keyboard, bluebutton+0 and then the letter of the application. So if I assigned P to Prefs, I could press: bluebutton+0 and then P and Prefs would launch. This way I don't have to waste any time in the launcher.

    However, Treo Keyboard Utils is a hack and was never updated (as far as I know) for OS 5/Treo 600. Is anyone aware of a replacement program? Or something similar that will give me, effectively, more hardware buttons to launch programs with?
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    Butler from Hobbyist Software does this. It's available on

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