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    Has anyone had any issues where removing a screen protector has actually damaged the touchscreen on a Palm Treo 600?

    I was setting up a new Palm Treo for my boss and had to remove and re-install one of the rigid screen protectors that you can buy from TreoCentral. Once I installed it, I noticed that the Treo was not sensitive at all when touching the screen. I practically had to "pound down" on it to make it register the portion of the screen I was touching. I went ahead and removed the screen protector and noticed that while pressing my finger down, it almost felt like there was still a cover on top of the screen or something.

    No that it doesn't have the screen protector on, I seem to have to press down about twice as hard as I had to on another Treo I configured. I'm wondering if this is a problem with the Treo itself, or could I have somehow messed the screen up when installing/removing the screen protector (which has never happened to me before, and I just pulled it up using Scotch tape, as the directions indicate).

    The touchscreen feels "mushy", so there's definitely something wrong. Problem is, I never tried the screen out before installing the protector--so I don't know if it was that way to begin with or not.

    I'm probably going to exchange the Treo for another one. I'm just worried about using the screen protector again in case it somehow damaged the first Treo.

    Thanks for the advice!
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    My protectors need a little extra pressure, but I wouldn't even think about not using one. I'm a messy guy.


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