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    Has anyone tried this? I think I might like this design. It looks like in the side pic there might be a removeable cover for the keyboard.

    I posted this before the crash and am pretty sure it was lost.
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    it's a dremel-ed innopocket case. i don't like this case cus it's gonna be awkward talking into the phone. someone noted here in another thread that their treo died because of talking into the phone for a long time and sweat entering the phone. i like how the old innopocket covers the whole phone.
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    Interesting. I was thinking talking might be easier because you have access to the screen if you need to check datebook etc. during conversation. Wasn't the old post with the sweat about the old full cover design?

    Thanks for your thoughts...always love your avatar!!!!
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    the sweaty guy who destroyed his phone liked using his phone naked. i don't mean that HE was naked while he used it, but he liked the treo to be naked. that pretty much killed his phone cus, in his own words, he was "sweating like a pig". look around treocentral forums for this and do a search for "sweat" haha. you'll find it.

    this reinforced my belief that the innopocket case is the best case out there because, not only does it protect the phone against harsh drops, scrapes, bumps and noocoolear weapons, but also against non-existant WMD's and sweat! The case enables you to ue the phone against your face for long periods of time without drenching the screen with facial oils etc. good case!
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    I know I have mentioned this before, but what would be cool is if the bottom half that covered would be attached to the rest of the case, but would flip down to aid in typing, but still offer the full protection the innopocket is reknown for! I could also see using a screen protector on this model. Just my two cents...
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    i purchased this case but it seems it wont be shipped until october not Aug. that is stated on the web page.

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    I purchased one on ebay a month ago that had a little window made into the door... not exactly like this one but good none-the-less

    view it here:
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    It looks like a small window from the picture can you see who is calling and how is the quality of the aluminum.

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    Yeah, I can see whos calling. The quality of the case is great... no complaints (yet) It's made it through several drops... of course it ALWAYS hits the part of the phone that isn't protected (antenna)

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