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    Anyone have an opinion on using Entourage vs. using the programs innate to mac (address book, ical and mail program?
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    I like the included Mail, Address Book, iCal and iLife programs, especially the way they are integrated with each other. Entourage may be a good choice is you are a big MS Office user, especially with the Project Center. Eudora is great for search and filters, but has a old interface.
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    One thing I like about the Mac is that you can search entire messages all at once, including the title, name, content. In Entourage, you can only search one category at a time, and you cannot search content.

    Therefore, I can archive my messages out of the inbox into one large archive, and just search for what I need. I have 12,000 emails over the past 8 years, and it always takes just a few seconds.

    I used to use entourage, and make multiple folders for different people, and then take the time to sort and search individual folders, but that is old news, I would never go back.
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    i have been using entourage instead of the mac apps, because the to do list wasn't showing up on my powerbook- does anyone know if its possible to sync it?
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    yes, it is part of the ical program so if you sync calendars, you also sync todos
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    Any of you Mac folks using Wireless Sync on Verizon?
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    thanks- didn't see that. another basic question- is there anywhere that notes show up on the Mac?
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    Entourage sync's palms memos to a notes app. Is there something like that for the mac?
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    I have been using the Missing Sync v4 program for my syncing functions. Might want to take a look at it.
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    I've been synching my Treo to Entourage for some time, I like it mainly because it is one integrated app and not several separate ones. I do not use iSynch often, only once in a while to update iPod contacts.

    There is a new program out there that synchs Entourage with all iApps and Palm/Treo, on my list to buy (blanking on name at the moment...)
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    Quote Originally Posted by mbd26
    There is a new program out there that synchs Entourage with all iApps and Palm/Treo, on my list to buy (blanking on name at the moment...)
    Are you talking about ScriptBuilders AppleScript called Sync Entourage-iCal?
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    Nope, Archie, I meant GoBetween from PocketMac. I have not tried it personally, but it looks like a good thing. Check it out here:

    If anyone gets to use it before I get around to it (or already has, for that matter), let us know what you think!
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    I used Entourage and Outlook Express before that, but just this week switched over to Apple's Mail client. It feels faster and I was able to import all my folders and messages from Entourage. I find the integration of the Apple apps with teh system to be a huge benefit. There are some annoying limitations (single address syncing), but overall the integration and ease of use outweighs any missing features. I also use Markspace's Missing Sync and with iSync 1.5 is pretty quick.

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