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    Simply put, i need help getting my P-tunes up and running on my Treo.

    I used a colleague's SD Card Reader to import songs to my SD but kept the songs in sub (artists) folders under the Audio folder i created. Two files were not in sub folders and are working fine. The rest cannot be read/found by my p-tunes. At the same time, i went to FileZ to see if i could see them, which i could, but when i tried to move (tested several songs from several folders) them out of the subflders and to Audio it acted as if it did the job, and in fact these songs were moved, but p-tunes still oculd not locate them.

    1) Is there any way to rectify this e.g. get them over to the Audio folder without starting form scratch and putting them in the right place (i do not have accesss currently to the SD card reader)

    2) Moving files from my computer to my treo without a reader? What's the best way and what is the best reader to et and from where if the answer is no?

    Thanks so much,

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    For My Treo 600...I simply/just use the Normal Palm Desktop....Do the Install & Hot Sync...It works...I use Pocket Tunes w/ My 600 (w/ some nice Skins) and use the Hot Sync to send the Songs to my 1GB card...

    Using Palm Desktopo....Just Click the folder and then the songs....You can select Multiple at one time and it usually defaults to the SD CARD...When You Hot Sync it may take a little bit (pending your SD's Speed)...but leave it "Sync-ing" watch TV and keep an eye on it!

    NOTE: I then create Lists for the Pocke Tunes (Hip Hop, Rock, Whatever) and select the songs according to the list...

    On the Card, You can creat Folders...I use this "XP OS Looking Thing" called Zlauncher it GREAT, looks HOT!! Link Below:

    zlauncher 4.2 (enjoy)!

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